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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What are the community guidelines at MerchVice?

A: At MerchVice, we value respect, kindness, prompt transactions, cleanliness of items, proof of postage, integrity of platform transactions, and regular communication.

Q: How does the payment process work for sellers?

A: Payments are processed securely through our system. The first transaction may take up to 10 working days, with subsequent payments being faster.

Q: Can I mail my item as soon as the sale is accepted?

A: Yes, once a sale is accepted, you can ship your item immediately as the payment is secured.

Buying and Selling

Q: How do I contact a seller if I haven't heard back?

A: Use our chat system to message the seller. If there's no response, contact our support team for assistance.

Q: What should I do if someone suggests an off-platform transaction?

A: Please report any attempts to transact off-platform. Our platform fee is crucial for maintaining and improving MerchVice.

Q: How do I calculate shipping costs?

A: Consider the size and weight of the parcel and use reliable postal services for accurate shipping costs.

Membership and Fees

Q: Is there a fee to join or list items on MerchVice?

A: Joining and listing on MerchVice is free. We deduct a small fee, 10%, from each sale to support the platform.

Q: How can I take good photos of my items?

A: Clear, bright, and focused photos enhance your listing. Check our guide for photography tips.

Q: What's the best way to price my items?

A: Consider the current retail price, item condition, and similar second-hand prices. Aim for a balance between a fair price and a quick sale.

Post-Sale Questions

Q: How do I leave a review after a sale?

A: You can submit a review within 10 days of receiving the sale confirmation email.

Q: What if I receive an item that doesn't match the description?

A: Contact the seller for resolution. If needed, our support team is here to assist.

Q: Are messages on MerchVice private?

A: Yes, all messages are private, but accessible by MerchVice for dispute resolution if required.

Q: What is MerchVice's role in transactions?

A: MerchVice connects buyers and sellers but is not responsible for the items traded. We encourage clear item descriptions and adherence to community standards.


How We Do It

How MerchVice Does Community

Welcome to MerchVice, a vibrant community of music enthusiasts and collectors! Here's how we maintain a positive and respectful environment:

Respect and Kindness:

Treat fellow members as you would like to be treated. Kindness goes a long way!

Prepare Your Items:

Ensure your items are ready for sale. If an item is no longer available, promptly remove the listing.

Prompt Transactions:

Accept and process orders swiftly. Aim to send items within 48 hours; a week is the maximum acceptable timeframe.

Cleanliness is Key:

Always send items clean and well-packaged. A personal touch, like a handwritten note, is always appreciated!

Proof of Postage:

Retain your postage proof in case of delivery issues.

Platform Integrity:

Keep all transactions within MerchVice. Off-site dealings are not permitted and may lead to account suspension.


Regularly check and respond to messages to address any buyer queries or concerns.